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Experience Our Authentic Mughlai Legacy.

Dastoor brings the opulence of royal cuisine straight to your doorstep, lovingly prepared in a kitchen overseen by a caring mother. Every dish promises not just clean, wholesome ingredients, but a healthy serving of heart and tradition.

Why Dastoor Is The Best Caterer In Town

Small family business

We are a small family business and our family treasures each recipe, treating every dish as a piece of our shared history. From decadent biryanis to aromatic curries, our food is crafted with the same passion and precision that our ancestors used, ensuring that every bite tells a story.

Directly Sourced Ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully chosen from local farmers’ markets, ensuring that we bring only the freshest and purest produce to your plate, in keeping with our commitment to sustainable and responsible sourcing.

Artisanal Spice Blends

In our kitchen, spices are more than just seasoning; they are the essence of flavor. Handpicked from trusted vendors and hand-ground, our masalas are lovingly prepared to preserve their aromatic potency and authenticity.

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